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I wonder if the following steps are possible to do in adobe campaing and how could I do it.


Step 1: Select a set of clients based on criteria
Step 2: On each of those clients, execute a javascript, which will return a different result for each client (this JS will do a call to the API and get a code).
Step 3: Insert the data of each client, including the data obtained in step 2 (the code), in the email template and send it.


I really appreciate if someone helps me with this doubt.



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Accepted Solutions (1)




If you consider Campaign Standard (as you posted in ACS forum) then No, it won't work in that way.

You could do a single call to a web service including al relevant profile information needed. The web service then needs to return e.g. 1 row per profile which can be joined back.

Potentially an in-between script (Adobe I/O, Amazon Lambda, ..) may be needed.


If using Campaign Classic, yes you could loop in a JS activity, do a web service call and update the work table via a Sql call

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