Exclude some deliveries from a Campaign level report



Our standard workflow sends out a number of email deliveries, then after a certain amount of days collates the results and emails this over to an internal mailbox as an attachment. This is now working with no issues.

However the campaign level reports now include these collation emails into the overall campaign reports which are marginally throwing off the statistics. Is there any way to exclude certain deliveries from the campaign level reporting?

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi Alistair,

Default logic is to process information from all deliveries associated with a campaign.

  1. If you wish to exclude some, you can look for out of the box report under Administration > Configuration > Reports.
  2. Right click and Duplicate the report
  3. On the duplicated report, go to filtering condition and exclude the deliveries you do not want. For excluding the delivery you need to have some sort of keyword or deliver code so as to select this delivery automatically.
  4. Then re-configure your workflow to extract and report data from your new report.