Exception raised in Adobe Campaign Standard when viewing Profile




Does anyone has faced with issue related exception, when viewing profile details  in ACS. ACS throws  exception:

The object which you are trying to access is either unavailable or you don't have the required rights to view it. Cannot calculate the resource for '/head/marketingHistory/

FYI. I am having highest administrator rights on server.


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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hello Robert,

We have seen similar issue and the cause of this error is usually that a custom resource was being used along with a manual join vs the Auto PK.  There could be some profiles that don't not have that custom resource defined.  This usually resolved by rebuilding and relinking the custom resource. You can check either the profiles need to be linked to the custom resource correctly or the resource should be removed.

  • Take a look at the custom resources under Administration > Development.
  • In custom resources, check if there are any links to "profile" using manual join conditions (not using the auto pk but some custom fields)
  • If there is then the profiles which don’t have this custom resource defined will show the error.
  • We need to link custom resources to that profile to fix this issue.

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Answers (1)



Hi shrawans315300

I am facing the same issue that is described above. I see that the solution would be to link a custom resource to profiles with that issue. Could you please explain how we perform that?

Thanks in advance,