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Hi Adobe Team,

I would like to use the Distance(Long1,Lat1,Long2,Lat2) function available in ACS standard.

Do you have examples of this function being used with personalization content? For example, Let's conisider a client try to buy a product in a given store but this product is no longer available there. However, it is available in other stores near that location. The aim is to send the client an email where I display the two closest stores where the product is available based on the client last point of sale. (Within a 6-mile radius)

The latitude and Longitude of the orifinal point is known but how can I fetch the latitude an longitude of the closest store within the personalization?



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Accepted Solutions (1)





I think we need to know Lat and Long of both the store and the person location. we need to input them in the function to calculate the distance. you can perform the calculation outside the delivery if the lat and long attributes are known.

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