Enriching a Transactional Message Collection Element



Hi there,


I'm familiar with event transactional messaging and personalising email content with context data attributes and collections (where the data is provided in the API call).


I can see that it is possible to enrich the data with Adobe Campaign resources, but is it possible to enrich collection data?


I have a use case where:


- I need to send an order confirmation email.

- I need to loop through products of the order.

- I create a collection element that contains only product ID


Am I able to enrich the collection with attributes from a custom resource (products table) that is maintained in Adobe Campaign standard (e.g that contains product ID and other product info like product name, price, product image etc).


From what I could see, when trying to configure the enrichment only the root context attributes were available, not the collection element attributes.


Hopefully this is possible.





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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi @davidh2892249,


Yes, it's possible to enrich collection data with product table which you have already in ACS. I believe you have created collection with field "product id" under fields section. Adjacent to that you will have enrichment section were you can link product id which you created on collection field and link to the product table on ACS to get the other things (product image, name etc) to display on the transactional emails. As long as product id is passed through payload then corresponding product table fields can be personalized to display on the transactional emails.


Hope this helps!


Thanks, Sathees

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