Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)




There are two possible ways to make it work:

1. Check the validation process – you must use the ‘Send a proof button’ and not ‘Send’. For more information the documentation is available here:

 2. To understand why the emails are not sent - consult the troubleshooting article about email delivery is here:

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Answers (3)



Hi the second link on this answer is dead. We are experiencing the same problem, and have attached direct recipients and a proof list but no joy sending a proof, just give us '0' to send.



Hi Tacia,


I'm using Adobe Campaign 6.1. When i go and send the proofs, they look like they are sending but never turn up.

Steps taken:

  1. Create a new delivery
  2. Load HTML into delivery
  3. Set language
  4. add subject line
  5. Select the seed list recipients.
  6. Click Analyze
  7. Click send

I do all this, nothing fails, but i don't get the mail I've sent to a number of people and different inboxes but none arrive.