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I do not know if this is an Adobe Campaign issue, but we haven't been able to figure this out internally yet. Also, I am an Analytics expert, not Campaign, so hopefully I can explain this properly and get some feedback as to what might be happening.

The links in our marketing emails are being designed with the correct URL, followed by tracking parameters. But once it lands in the inbox, if you hover over those same links, the url has changed to followed by tracking parameters. This is causing all of our email links to redirect through this unknown vanity url, and then hit our site, with the tracking parameters not fully intact.

Has anyone seen this before? Is it a Campaign setting? Is it a browser issue? Any help would be appreciated.

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Hi faith_tcs,

I don't think that the issue comes from Adobe Campaign, the redirection mechanism doesn't loss any parameters. The only restriction is that the parameter name id can't be used. Otherwise, if the target url needs such common parameter name id, then the url must deactivated as tracked link.

Is that your case? does your url needs an id parameter?

Reminder: the standard redirection mechanism of Adobe Campaign (both AC standard and AC classic versions) is used for tracking open and clicks of emails.

Each delivery can define for each of its links, if it applies or not.
And the tagging parameters to add to the ones defined in the body messages.

ACS documentation:

Adobe Campaign Help | Tracking messages

ACC documentation:

About message tracking


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Adobe Campaign Classic uses the Tidy URL API to parse the URL string. Ours works fine, with the exception that anchor links are not working in safari. But otherwise, the parameters are showing up fine.

The documentation:

How to track personalized links in emails