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Email KPI's in ACS


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I'm interested to know if anyone else has experienced discrepancies with the KPI's that ACS generates for email deliveries. We have run into the following scenario:

We have been analyzing the performance of some of our email campaigns and we have noticed a discrepancy with the numbers that ACS is providing.

We have a delivery that was sent to 75 people. The delivery rate is 64% which is well below our standard - It only delivered to 48 people - however the Open rate is 106.3% - Apparently 51 people opened the email, more than it was actually sent to!

When we look at the sending logs it appears only 2 deliveries failed, so actually the delivery rate is much better than what Adobe is suggesting.

Could it be that some addresses initially soft bounced but were then delivered second time around? If so shouldn't the KPI's update to reflect this?

After doing some research it was suggested that clicking 'Compute Stats' would update the KPI's based on the sending logs, but clicking this button doesn't seem to achieve anything.

I'm keen to learn how these numbers are generated as currently we're getting asked lots of questions about our reports that we're unable to answer!

Many thanks,


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Bumping this in the hope someone from Adobe can help.


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Between what data is the discrepancy? ACS and AA?


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Hi David,

The main discrepancy in the numbers is between the KPI's that are displayed on the delivery summary page vs the stats that are provided if you run a dynamic report.

I have been working with one of the Adobe Campaign Support team and I've been advised that the software was designed to pull these numbers from two different sources. This seems crazy to me but I've been advised that to access the up to date, correct numbers you need to use the Dynamic reports.

I need to test a new workflow, because the numbers we have been exporting have matched those of the summary KPI's, so ultimately these are incorrect. If the new workflow works correctly and pulls the accurate data I will share the process I used.


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Hey Bob, did you ever get an answer on this one?
Did your results match eventually?