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I'm using v6 and have developed a number of content management templates. Has Email management in ACS improved? Things i'm looking for...

1. Ability to import HTML from an agency

2. Ability to use pre-defined templates in ACS (how are these templates created?) - I do not need/want to migrate my existing content templates to ACS

3. Ability to integrate with a Digital Asset Manager when creating email content. I.e when i'm populating a pre-defined template I want to bring in assets from a digital Asset Manager. Is Adobe Assets fully integrated with ACS? What about integration with other Digital Asset Managers?

4. Of course everything has to be responsive.

5. Personalization rules. I need the ability to set Personalization rules when developing email content, with 'point and click' allowing me to use any data in the Adobe Campaign database, recipient and transactional. No more JavaScript please.

Any info on any of the above will be great.

Thank you community.

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Accepted Solutions (1)




With ACS, you can:

  • Import email contents (HTML or ZIP files) or start from a predefined content template. There are a few content templates available out of the box, and you can configure them in an email template that you can reuse every time you create an email. For now the number of available content templates is limited but new design samples will be added shortly.
  • ACS is natively integrated with the Experience Cloud, so if you already have a library of assets available in the Experience Cloud, you will be able to use them easily in your email content. That said, this is the case for the Experience Cloud Assets, I cannot confirm it work out of the box if you use AEM Assets.
  • Responsiveness of the email will be up to you if you import a content from an agency
  • You can easily add personnalization fields, blocks, and conditional content in a visual way.
  • Extra: you can as well use DreamWeaver to design Campaign emails!

We have a guide dedicated to delivery design with ACS: Design content in Adobe Campaign (you can browse the pages on the left to get different information)

Let me know if this answers your questions and let me know if you need more details about something,


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