Dynamic Reports issue with Unique Opens & Clicks?



For the past few days and persisting, my dynamic reports do not display Unique Opens or Unique Clicks - only sends, total opens, total clicks, unsubs. I can see uniques in the deliveries directly, but no longer when using dynamic reports (which I rely on). Is anyone else having this issue?

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Hello mbkassan

Similar to Ramon's observations, I can see this report render successfully in many instances. There was a known issue in previous releases but that has since been fixed.

From the description, it appears that you've created these Dynamic Reports. Can you confirm that the selections for the Unique Opens and Clicks are locked? I've seen cases where the selection was not locked and clicking on a particular delivery showed strange metrics.

Thank you,

Aneet Arora




I don't have the issue here for several instances.

I can see them at all places.

Did you try dragging the "Unique Clicks" again from the left side into a report?

Just type unique in the filter box and it should be available there



hello mbkassan

I can't reproduce this issue. do you still have this issue?

did you try with a new freeform table and drop delivery dimension + unique clicks and unique opens only?

thank you Gael