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1) My understanding is that in order to send an email using Dynamic Content, the template has to be built within a  Workflow in order for the DC to work. Is this correct?

2) When I try to send a test email from a template in a workflow, I never receive them (even though the summary says they're delivered). Why is this? I don't have this issue testing regular templates.

3) When I have my dynamic content template in a workflow, I need to build the audience based on A) an imported list, or B) data in the Account table. Neither of these come up as an option in the build query node. Why is that and how do I access it? 


It just seems that when I put my template into a workflow so that I can use dynamic content, I am then faced with other limitations. 

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)




1) No, this is not correct. It will also work for:

 * Deliveries which are not inside a workflow => then you can filter based on any information on the user profile

 * Transactional message => depending on type you can filter on event + profile info

Only if you need to pre-compute data to define the criteria of a dynamic content, you need a workflow.


2) You may check if the mail was caught by a SPAM filter on your side.


3) Hm, both shall be available.

 * Imported list via either a Load File + Reconciliation or via Load Audience

 * Data in the account table via Query on profile resource

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