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We are migrating from Eloqua and are trying to mimic a simple drip campaign.  We would like a feeder to evaluate every hour to see if anyone in the DB has met our criteria and if so, add them to the workflow.  The workflow would include a series of emails.  So receive email 1, wait 10 days, send email 2, wait 10 days etc etc...  We are finding out that there is no easy way to have that feeder evaluate every hour and just add the incremental people who now meet the criteria.  This seems like such a standard function of most campaigns.  We would like to query the DB for anyone who dynamically meets a set of criteria.  Once the criteria is met, they need to go down the same path as everyone else that met that criteria.

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi Jeff,

This is certainly possible. You can follow the steps outlined below:

  1. Start with an Incremental query activity with the filtering condition as per your choice.
  2. This incremental query also has a scheduler which you can configure to run every one hour.
  3. Connect the incremental query activity to a Continuous Delivery. You can also use a recurring delivery activity but I have a feeling you will soon have a lot of small population child deliveries. This can lead to backup issues in some time and hence a continuous delivery is a better approach. This will be the first emailer sent to your selected audience.
  4. Add a wait activity for 10 days of wait time.
  5. Follow it up with another continuous delivery i.e. mail 2
  6. Another wait of 2 days and so on.

Feel free to add additional filtering logic between a wait and mail delivery as per your requirement.


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