Downloading MCID into our data warehouse for all customers (AC, AAM, AA)



Hi guys, I am trying to link up all declared Ids with all the known Adobe Ids especially MCID between our Adobe Campaign, Audience Manager and Adobe Analytics integrations. I want to get all of this data back to our corporate data warehouse. 

We already have all declared Ids and UUIDs from audience manager extracts, plus all declared Ids and MCIDs (sourced from trackingLogRcp) from Adobe Campaign extracts.   I am thinking of just now extracting all UUIDs, declared Ids and MCIDs by setting up Adobe Analytics data warehouse extracts.

Has any one else done this to obtain, link, etc all this data in their corporate data warehouse to better understand their customers, report end to end, attribution, match with other 1st,2nd,3rd party data and any other tips or recommendations?



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Accepted Solutions (1)



Hi David,

To make sure I get this right, do you want to extract all the data from one single place or do you want to know how you can do for Analytics what you already did with Campaign and AAM? In the latter case, best thing would be to move the question over to the Analytics section of the forum.

Besides, from what I know of the integrations, you should be able to consolidate Anlaytics and Campaign data in AAM, which could then be used as a single entry point to export the data.