Double Opt-In from External acquisition page



I am trying to make a double opt-in flow where I get the customers in through the Adobe-IO API so my thoughts are:

  1. Create the customer profile through the Adobe-IO API
  2. Trigger the Opt-In Event in ACS I created
  3. Event sends a transactional email
  4. customer presses the Subscribe link in the email
  5. customer is added to the Service Newsletter
  6. customer is sent to a confirmation landing page

When I create a test case where I send the optin email to myself then I am not added to the Service when I press the subscribe link

The landing page I arrive at when I press the link is the acquisition landing page with the web form, instead I would like to end up at the Confirmation landing page

I have been following different scenarios among others this one:

And I’ve read some forum discussions :

Is the above feasible?

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