Does Adobe Campaign Standard supports to trigger event from ACS itself and allow to listen using ACS API in Mobile App ?



Hi All,

I am looking for Adobe Campaign Standard to be configured to trigger event when new information is available and trigger event to mobile app. Also, Is there any API available from Adobe to listen or any kind of callback that mobile app can receive from SDK. We don't want user to be shown with pop-up/alert message on screen actually and in background when ACS delegate/callback method is executed than only perform operation.

Could anyone help over here if there is such a kind of trigger(From Adobe Side ) and listen(on Mobile app) to event functionality supported on ACS.


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Accepted Solutions (1)






This looks like an integration between the Experience Cloud Activation core service Triggers and Adobe Campaign  to send personalized emails to your customers as a reaction to specific behaviors that are tracked. But push notifications are not supported in this integration.


You can also try The External API activity which is meant for fetching campaign-wide data (latest set of offers, latest scores, etc.), not for retrieving specific information for each profile as that can result in large amounts of data being transferred. 




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