does AC6 use NEW temporary workflow table in each run




I have a query on the temporary workflow tables that are created each time a technical workflow(TW) is run in AC6. Does AC6 create a NEW  instance of the workflow table for the same TW when it is run again or does it overwrite or append the entries in same workflow table in each run ?

-- My concern is coming from the point when I execute a TW, I update a column value ( or a flag) from unprocessed to processing. If the same workflow is stopped in between for an error or any other reason, when time comes to re-run the TW, would it have capability to identify dirty rows or do I need to build it custom.



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Accepted Solutions (1)



Hi Kanwal,

Temporary tables are recreated at every restart of the workflow. If the workflow is paused, or in error, and resumes from where it stopped, it should keep the data that were computed since the last start.

I'm not sure that answers your question though. If you want, you can share more details about your workflow here, or screenshots.

Let me know,