Display data not loading records



It shows 'Unable to show data' compatible issue. I have this problem few a times. One scenario I faced is when I am trying to read data before delivery activity. Though if I continue and try to execute the next activity which is delivery , it got delivered successfully.

Also, few a times, I am unable to see the result of query activity.

I understand that it shows data only when the execution is at that step and to see data in every step, I should enable the option in the workflow properties to keep the result of interim populations between two executions.

What are the reason behind this problem?

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Hi there,

Please see if this article helps resolve your issue Unable to load document of identifier 'temp:query6' and type 'xtk:schema'

If not, please share the console and server build number.

What you can try is, when you open Display the target window and observe the error, there is an option to apply filter. Please apply it on a random condition like @id is not equal to 0.

See if you are able to see the results.