Disable interaction/activity tracking for selected recipients



Is it possible (with / without development or configuration effort) to disable or anonymize the tracking of recipient activities when emails are sent out?

If a recipient does not want to be tracked (not just web tracking, but also their activities with Adobe Campaign emails), for these selected recipient it would be necessary to hide/ anonymize the direct link between recipient and their activities (email opened, email clicked) within a campaign. Ideally, statistics would still show up at accumulated level (e.g. 10 recipients clicked), but not show who clicked in case they have that specific attribute of "does not want to be tracked". Conversely, for those regular recipients that don't have that attribute, the interactions would still show up.

Is that possible?

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Accepted Solutions (1)




I am not aware of all the plans regarding GDPR but there will be some development especially made for this regulation. As for this specific topic, I will have to double check with the team's plan but there is no option to do that right now already available in the product.

You can for sure disable tracking for a specific delivery but I don't think it's possible individually for each recipient.

I'll share more when I get additional info.


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Hi Vera,

Very interesting question, in the scope of GDPR.
It would mean that there would be a link in the template, leading to a webApp, not only to unsubscribe partially or of all services subscription, but also set the different optin levels.
And there would be such information at contact level (nms:recipient if factory schema is used).

Then the tracking process / workflow would take into account this optin level option to manage the tracking feature accordingly. It would mean Adobe Campaign R&D team involved, this executable process that runs on MTA server can't be change by AC customers even with admin privileges.

Because in Europe we are very concern by all that kind of questions, I expect Adobe R&D would really GDPR requirements and not only PII sysfilter schema as it is the case so far.