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Hi Adobe campaign users,

Is anyone in this community using the out of the box wysiwyg digital content editor of ACS to create the email content. I didn't find it very intitutive to create  simple static contents. Only basic things I see their is to make the texts Bold, Italic, underline, font color, background color, borders, alignment, font size. Am not seeing anything there to add bulleted Lists, Tables etc.. Am I missing something here?  Also I see there are latency issues when you type something on the HTML editor. Most of the times deletion of the whole text in a block doesn't work if you want to delete it by pressing the 'Delete' key.  But you can delete them using the backspace key or any other key. Are you guys experiencing the same issues... I know it is now integrated with Dreamweaver and synchronized realtime. Looking at these issues wondering what other ACS users are using for editing their content? Is it Dreamweaver or AEM or anything else?

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Editing using the WYSIWIG editor in campaign is somehow limited if you need to add content and components. There are plans to replace this editor in an upcoming release, but in the meantime I'd recommend using dreamweaver as it also offers WYSIWIG capabilities and works fine with Campaign.

This is my personal recommendation considering what you just described, but you can also try AEM if you have a working integration, or directly editing the HTML version by selecting the "Source" button when you are in Campaign's wysiwyg editor.

Let me know what you find more convenient, that will be good feedback for the team.

Stay tuned for the updates to come in the following months regarding this editor.


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