Differences Between Dynamic JavaScript Pages and JavaScript Codes in Adobe Campaign



Hello All,

Can anyone please tell me the difference between Dynamic JavaScript Pages and JavaScript codes in explorer tab of the Adobe Campaign Console.

I am inserting the screenshot for your reference:

jssp and Javascript codes.png

I am interested in how we can utilize these two.

Please provide insights on which of these we have to use in case we are calling an External API service. and where can we insert these codes

In an Email Delivery Template or in a JavaScript code activity in workflow.

Please respond Soon.

Thanks in Advance.

Best Regards

Sai Mohan Gopidesi

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)



JSSP - is a way to mimic a server via javascript. A use case would be to create an endpoint for form submissions. Forms can submit to the JSSP as the endpoint. as outlined in the Advanced tips and tricks video.

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JS in the workflow is just vanilla JS. You can write HTTP request in a workflow to pull back data for a thrid party source, or you can write the API to query the internal AC services. There are a few posts on this already - Re: Can we call an api using workflow in ACS?


JS in the delivery is mostly used for conditional content. Showing or hiding sections based on the data model.

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