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Within Campaign -- How long do your deliveries generally take to process -- before retrying on failed emails?

The processing and sending is taking substantially longer than our previous system and I've been told a few different things from the various wings of Adobe support (implementation, deliverability, tech ops, engineering etc). The success rate is in the 96-99% range, however the delivery itself can take upwards of two hours. This is a problem for our business model.

So I'm curious what the community experience is -- specifically around single delivery sends (the only send at the time) for a recipient pool of 50k or 100k or 150k

Thank you!


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Accepted Solutions (1)




As per documentation


Another key parameter of the network configuration to take into account. It is almost always outbound and much in demand during e-mail broadcasts. Here are a few examples of configurations based on our experience:

  • 1 Mb/s for 10,000 emails per hour (average size of 30 Kb)
  • 8 to 10 Mb/s for 100,000 emails per hour (average size of 30 Kb)

Take a look at the best practices related to deliverability document here: Managing deliverability and Technical recommendations

I can't comment on Adobe hosted solutions as I manage an on-premise solution, but if there are any constraints on volumes and outbound traffic then Adobe should be managing it. In my case, I had issues with emails taking too long to process due to the high volume, so I added more MTA agents on the frontal servers.

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Answers (3)



Thank you David!

Sorry for the delay -- the issue turned out to be around MTA Agents. There seems to have been some misunderstanding around our requirements in the provisioning so we're now exploring options to utilize more in our current setup and then add additional agents if necessary.



Thanks Florent.

We do have some personalization in each message as part of the header, but we still feel like it should process and send much faster than it is.

We are on V7 Console and Server build 8857. Hosted by Adobe.

I don't think our installation/architecture is customized any more than the average customer -- is there anything in particular i should look for?




Hi Robbie,

Usually what can impact the delivery throughput are:

  • Amount of personalization in the message (lot of personalization takes longer to process)
  • Size of the message
  • Available bandwidth

So considering your numbers, 150k should go pretty quickly (way less than 2 hours).

Can you give details on your implementation? (Version you use, on-premise or hosted by Adobe, any specificity in your installation/architecture)