Delivery Failure Reason Enumeration Extension.



We are working on a customer implementation, where we need to capture failure reasons for Direct Mail; In the direct mail delivery - I have chosen the 'A result file determines send and failed messages'. I then have a technical workflow that polls an sftp site for a receipt file from the mail house. The technical workflow picks up the file and updates the delivery status to 'complete' and the broadlog status to either send or failed. However I want to go one further, I want to capture the specific fail reason to which there are 2 failure reasons 'Goneaways' and 'Spoils'. To do this I have extended the broadlog schema where I can see the enumeration sits for failure reasons; in the extended schema i have updated the enumeration and added two new values.  Now in my technical workflow, when i want to add a record into the delivery log qualification table with a failure reason of either one of my two newly added enumeration values, I see the values in the drop down but when I select them it automatically stamps 44 instead of the actual enumeration value. Can someone assist ?

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