Delivery error



My Team often faces delivering failing error where Journal logs says

"WKF-560001 Failed to initialize the execution context for workflow (Id=-1931715879)

Cannot load document of type 'Deliveries (nms:delivery)' satisfying condition '([/@id] = -1931715990) AND (([/@deleteStatus] = 0))'.

WDB-200011 The requested database record does not exist.

Param(0)=-1931715990   Param(1)=0

WDB-200001 SQL statement 'SELECT   D1.sSchema, D1.sRecipientLink, D0.mData FROM NmsDelivery D0 JOIN NmsDeliveryMapping D1 ON (D1.iDeliveryMappingId = D0.iMappingId) WHERE (D0.iDeliveryId = :#(1)#) AND ((D0.iDeleteStatus = :#(2)#))' could not be executed."

Workflow gets stuck at these deliveries. They need to recreate new delivery and re-start the workflow. What they do wrong that they face such error ?

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Hi Manovinayak,

Do you see this delivery in the deleted deliveries folder? I guess no as you are getting this error when trying to open it.

If that's the case problem is one of the joins is causing the resultset to be 0.

We need to identify which join it is and then reverse engineer our way to identify the root cause.




Hi Vipul Vipul Raghav,

Thanks a lot for responding!! Appreciate your dedication!!

The issue was that the select query on [NmsDelivery] table took a long time to complete. We found that the database resource utilization was very high.

After a restart of the DB server, the issue did not happen again.





Hi Vipul Raghav Vipul Raghav

We are using Adobe Campaign V6.1 build 8861 [Hybrid] [Marketing on-premise server]

And we are facing the same issue.

If you can point put some possible problem, please let us know.

14:03:10 >>  ODB-240000 ODBC error: [Microsoft][SQL Server Native Client 11.0]Operation canceled SQLState: S1008

14:03:11 >>  ODB-240000 ODBC error: [Microsoft][SQL Server Native Client 11.0]Operation canceled SQLState: S1008

14:15:50 >>> WDB-200001 SQL statement 'SELECT   D0.sLabel, D0.sInternalName, D0.sDesc, D0.iFolderId, D0.iState, D0.iIsMo

del, D0.iWeightType, D0.iWeight, D0.sValidationMode, D0.iDelayed, D0.tsContact, D0.tsValidity, D0.tsWebValidity, D0.iWeb

ResPurged, D0.tsExtraction, D0.dDelayExtraction, D0.tsExtracted, D0.sIPAffinity, D0.iForecasted, D0.sLogin, D0.iMsgPrior

ity, D0.tsExpectedTarget, D0.tsExpectedContent, D0.tsExpectedBudget, D0.tsExpectedExtraction, D0.tsExpectedFCP, D0.tsExp

ectedForecast, D0.tsExpectedEdition, D0.tsExpectedExternal, D0.tsReminderTarget, D0.tsReminderContent, D0.tsReminderBudg

et, D0.tsReminderExtraction, D0.tsReminderFCP, D0.tsReminderForecast, D0.tsReminderEdition, D0.tsReminderExternal, D0.iR

etry, D0.iMaxRetry, D0.dRetryPeriod, D0.tsNextPass, D0.tsBroadStart, D0.tsBroadEnd, D0.tsPassStart, D0.iInsertMode, D0.i

MidRemoteId, D0.iDeliveryProviderId, D0.iTypologyId, D0.iNeedMirrorPage, D0.tsContentModTime, D0.iUseDce, D0.iOperationI

d, D0.iPublicationStatus, D0.sEventType, D0.iCmsAccountId, D0.sDeliveryCode, D0.sNature, D0.iFolderProcessId, D0.iWorkfl

owId, D0.iDeliveryMode, D0.iLinkedDeliveryId, IsNull(D0.sLabel, '') + N' (' + IsNull(D0.sInternalName, '') + N')', D0.iD

eliveryOutlineId, D0.iSandboxMode, D0.iMessageType, D0.iSupplierModelId, D0.iHasAttachments, D0.sPublishingName, D0.sPub

lishingNamespace, D0.iMappingId, D0.iUseTargetValidation, D0.iUseContentValidation, D0.iContentStatus, D0.iTargetStatus,

D0.iFCP, D0.iDeleteStatus, D0.iBudgetId, D0.iCommitmentLevel, D0.dEstimatedCost, D0.dRealCost, D0.dComputedCost, D0.tsL

astComputed, D0.iComputationState, D0.iToDeliver, D0.iDeliveryId, D1.sSchema, IsNull(D1.sLabel, '') + N' (' + IsNull(D1.

sSchema, '') + N')', D1.iDeliveryMappingId, D1.sName, D1.sLabel, D1.sRecipientLink, D1.iBuiltIn, D1.iCreatedById, D1.iMo

difiedById, D1.tsCreated, D1.tsLastModified, D1.iDefaultOriginId, D1.sBroadLogSchema, D1.sBroadLogExclSchema, D1.sTracki

ngLogSchema, D1.iFolderId, IsNull(O2.sLabel, '') + N' (' + IsNull(O2.sName, '') + N')', O2.iOperatorId, IsNull(O3.sLabel

, '') + N' (' + IsNull(O3.sName, '') + N')', O3.iOperatorId, IsNull(D4.sLabel, '') + N' (' + IsNull(D4.sInternalName, ''

) + N')', D4.iDeliveryId, F5.sLabel, F5.iFolderId, T6.sLabel, T6.iTypologyId, T6.sIPAffinity, F7.sLabel, F7.iFolderId, F

7.sFullName, F8.sLabel, F8.iFolderId, F8.sFullName, E9.iDeliveryMode, E9.sLabel, E9.iExtAccountId, E9.iMessageType, E9.s

Account, E9.iActive, D10.sLabel, D10.iDeliveryOutlineId, O11.iOperationId, O11.iLinkedOperationId, O11.iUseBudget, E12.s

Label, E12.iExtAccountId, E12.sName, E12.iType, E12.iActive, E12.iPackageAutoExport, E12.sServer, E12.sPort, E12.sAccoun

t, E12.sPassword, E12.sTenant, E12.sImsOrgId, E12.sImsServer, E12.sUserScope, E12.sImsRightsMask, E12.sClientId, E12.sCl

ientSecret, E12.sCallbackServer, E12.sProductContext, E12.sAwsKey, E12.sAwsSecret, E12.iUseServerSideEncryption, E12.sPr

ovider, E12.sDbName, E12.iUnicodeData, E12.iNChar, E12.sTimezone, E12.iEncryptionType, E12.iEMailFunction, E12.iExecutio

nInstanceType, campadmin.IsBitSet(E12.iExecutionInstanceType, 1), E12.iMessageType, E12.iDeliveryMode, E12.sMirrorURL, E

12.iMultiMidProvider, E12.sLastMultiUsed, E12.iCreatedById, E12.iModifiedById, E12.tsCreated, E12.tsLastModified, E12.iF

olderId, E12.iFdaExtAccountId, E12.iMcHistoMethod, IsNull(O13.sLabel, '') + N' (' + IsNull(O13.sName, '') + N')', O13.iO

peratorId, IsNull(O14.sLabel, '') + N' (' + IsNull(O14.sName, '') + N')', O14.iOperatorId, F15.sLabel, F15.iFolderId, E1

6.sLabel, E16.iExtAccountId, IsNull(D17.sLabel, '') + N' (' + IsNull(D17.sInternalName, '') + N')', D17.iDeliveryId, D17

.iOfferSpaceId, D17.iMessageType, S18.sLabel, S18.iSupplierModelId, S18.iDeliveryModelId, B19.sLabel, B19.iBudgetId, D0.

mData, D1.mData, E9.mData, E12.mData, D17.mData, S18.mData FROM NmsDelivery D0 JOIN NmsDeliveryMapping D1 ON (D1.iDelive

ryMappingId = D0.iMappingId) JOIN XtkOperator O2 ON (O2.iOperatorId = D1.iCreatedById) JOIN XtkOperator O3 ON (O3.iOpera

torId = D1.iModifiedById) JOIN NmsDelivery D4 ON (D4.iDeliveryId = D1.iDefaultOriginId) JOIN XtkFolder F5 ON (F5.iFolder

Id = D1.iFolderId) JOIN NmsTypology T6 ON (T6.iTypologyId = D0.iTypologyId) JOIN XtkFolder F7 ON (F7.iFolderId = D0.iFol

derId) JOIN XtkFolder F8 ON (F8.iFolderId = D0.iFolderProcessId) JOIN NmsExtAccount E9 ON (E9.iExtAccountId = D0.iDelive

ryProviderId) JOIN NmsDeliveryOutline D10 ON (D10.iDeliveryOutlineId = D0.iDeliveryOutlineId) JOIN NmsOperation O11 ON (

O11.iOperationId = D0.iOperationId) JOIN NmsExtAccount E12 ON (E12.iExtAccountId = D0.iCmsAccountId) JOIN XtkOperator O1

3 ON (O13.iOperatorId = E12.iCreatedById) JOIN XtkOperator O14 ON (O14.iOperatorId = E12.iModifiedById) JOIN XtkFolder F

15 ON (F15.iFolderId = E12.iFolderId) JOIN NmsExtAccount E16 ON (E16.iExtAccountId = E12.iFdaExtAccountId) JOIN NmsDeliv

ery D17 ON (D17.iDeliveryId = D0.iLinkedDeliveryId) JOIN NmsSupplierModel S18 ON (S18.iSupplierModelId = D0.iSupplierMod

elId) JOIN NmsBudget B19 ON (B19.iBudgetId = D0.iBudgetId) WHERE (D0.iDeliveryId = ?) AND ((D0.iDeleteStatus = ?))' coul

d not be executed.


  Param(1)=0 (iRc=-2003)

14:15:50 >>> WDB-200011 The requested database record does not exist. (iRc=-2003)

14:15:50 >>> Cannot load document of type 'Deliveries (nms:delivery)' satisfying condition '([/@id] = 1255605) AND (([/@

deleteStatus] = 0))'. (iRc=-53)



I came to understand that these deliveries gets deleted and when I recover them from Deleted Deliveries folder, it works fine.

This problem is with Recurring as well as normal delivery.

I am unable to understand how deliveries gets deleted.(Though I can see these deliveries activity in the  workflow. When I click on it then it pop-ups alert with above error message.

Build version is 8775.




It seems your build is very old and the error you are observing is a consequence of moving to negative sequence.

Are you using a recurring delivery activity?

If yes, then definitely it is the problem. Please see if the primary key value of your campaign is also negative.

On a positive primary key campaign, you will not observe this anomaly.

Plan for a build upgrade to latest build 8797.