I have a question coming from our BI Department and I am not sure I can answer them as I am not 100% sure, Quention below,


Can you tell us the difference between the DELIVERY_CONTACT_DATE and EVENT_DATE in the delivery log? We are using EVENT_DATE in the delivery log, but when we match it to the tracking log, there’s opens or clicks with a LOG_DATE before the EVENT_DATE that’s in the delivery log. When compared to the DELIVERY_CONTACT_DATE, the EVENT_DATE seems to be different and it’s sometimes multiple days after the DELIVERY_CONTACT_DATE. I’m running some numbers to see how often it happens that I can follow-up with but figured I’d get this over to you to see if you had any insight.


Thank you

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Accepted Solutions (1)





Contact date is when a delivery is started to send out or scheduled to send out. Event date is when a partucular message has been sent out. Log date is when a user clicks or open that email. Log date should be greater than equal to event date, event date should be greater than or equal to contact date. if you are seeing logdate before event date, thats little weird. Check if that is a recurrding delivery, or if the message is failed(sometimes the email will be delivered to recipient but it also sends bounce and event date is when we receive teh bounce, in such cases if the recipient opened email before we receive bounce you will see logdate before the event date). to find the rootcause, you can contact Adobe support.



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