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​In a campaign that is scheduled to run every day in the evening 04:30PM takes different time period to fire up the associated delivery due to the time taken for delivery analysis phase. The difference happens especially between the stages "Check proof target size and cleaning data from previous analysis" as per the logs. It took nearly 50 minutes one day and it takes 15 minutes, the next day for these two stages. Could you please help to understand this behavior and what causes the time difference in analysis every day for the same message content in the delivery?

​Loading typology rules (step: javascript/postTarget)...

Applying rule 'Analysis for the automatic integration of images'.17:45:59 - Applying rule 'Check delivery size'.

Applying rule 'Check proof target size'.

Analysis successfully completed in 1s (1 message(s) waiting).

Cleaning data from previous analysis...

Loading typology rules (step: sql/preMessage)...

Loading typology rules (step: volume/preMessage)..

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi Rajesh,

Are we sure that the delivery target size too is same each morning.

This sort of delay in processing could depend upon multiple factors, not just the size of recipient list but database load at that time. If the DB Schema which is being queried corresponding to this Delivery is being queried by some other process (simultaneously) as well. the overall process time increases.

Maybe on days when the processing is taking longer time, there are some simultaneous entities/deliveries querying the same Schema for their processing as well.

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