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I was wondering if Adobe Campaign was an open source? Ca you upload graphics, audio files, video and documents to it? Is there a capacity limit for projects, users, and file sizes? What platform is it on? And can it be integrated with Microsoft?

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Hi Tierra,

  • You can check the compatibility matrix to have an overview of available integrations.
  • There are APIs. Depending on the version you use, they may be available under license.
  • About support, that would depend on your contract. You may want to get in touch with a sales rep to have further information on this. There are different options available to suit your needs.
  • About training, there are trainings online, onsite trainings, etc.
  • We do have a consulting team that can work on specific features depending on your version of the product and what is technically achievable.
  • File upload limit will depend on the setting of your webserver. For example, if you use Campaign v6/v7 and IIS as an on-premise web server, there are options in there to change the size limit of files to upload.

To get in more specificities, I'd advise to get in touch with a sales representative who will be able to assess your use cases and infrastructure. You can start the process from our Website: Cross-channel campaign management, marketing automation software | Adobe Campaign > Request demo

Hope this helps,


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Thanks for the answers! I have a few more questions.

Which services does this software integrate with (if many what are some main ones. I know from the previous email it integrates with Dynamics CRM) and how do they integrate with these services?

Does this software have APIs?

If this software has extensions, do those have APIs?

How much one on one support do you offer?

Do you offer onsite training?

Are you willing to create custom features where you have specific people/engineers to create and add the features on for us?

Is there a file size limit when uploading files? (If this depends on the infrastructure, could I get specifics/details?)

Thanks so much!

Tierra Brown


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Adobe Campaign is not open source. It is a cloud-based solution. Depending on your needs and version, you can manage assets through the Marketing Cloud platform, such as bitmaps, videos, etc.

Capacity will depend on the infrastructure you have.

It can be hosted on several cloud platforms such as Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure, if this is what you are referring to as Microsoft integration. If you are referring to Dynamics CRM, there is also an existing integration between the two applications.

Please have a look at our documentation portal to find more information: Adobe Campaign Standard Documentation 

Let me know if you have other questions,