Data uploaded from csv to Recipients table using "Data Loading (file)" and "Update Data" activities is not viewable.




I am new to Adobe Campaign and am trying to do a PoC. I tried to upload some new user data like "first name", "last name", "age", "email", etc. from a csv file to Recipients table using "Data Loading (file)" and "Update Data" workflow activities. The workflow result log shows that the update us successfully done, but, I am not able to view it in Recipients (Profiles and Targets -> Recipients). How to view the updated data? Please help me in this regard.


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To assign the records to a folder, add a row in the Fields to update section. Then in the Destination column select the folder link and in the Source expression column browse and choose the folder that you want the records linked to. The screenshot above that I shared shows that this has been done. For more help you can request Office Hours: Campaign Office Hours