Data type mismatch error while loading data from file



Dear all,

I am facing issue while loading data from file. The issue is -

writer   WKF-560065 the type of the 'gender' expression (type: string) does not match the type of the '@gender' destination field (type: byte)

datatype error.jpg

At this moment I have changed(Byte -> String) data type for gender attribute in extended schema and its working fine. Is this right approch? Kindly let me know.


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Accepted Solutions (1)



Hello AlwaysDigital,

If you want that your 2 fields match, you have to change one side, yes.

In my opinion, you should better change the field type from your file (in you Data Loader Activity), and not change the native gender field. That could work, but you can encounter some type issue in some case after.

Hope I Helped,