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I am trying to develop customized report in adobe campaign from Configuration menu. As I need several tables in single report I have written 5-6 query boxes in the report. Each Table in report access the data from respective query box. I need help for two things:

1) Fetching data from different queries in for same table.

I want data from two different queries in single table.

2) Changing the variable name and reassign in report.

I am querying for one of the column in workflow but I want to reassign the value and print it in table.

For eg. If column value is customer_twoWheeler_day1 I want it to only print Two Wheeler in report column.

PFB the workflow I used.


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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi vivekraob83861863

Please find below response from my side:

1) In order to store data from multiple queries into one table, you will have to create your own customized Schema to be able to store values into that.

The Schema should then be taking into account all fields coming from two (or more) Query Activities.

All this is stored within a temporary table though, but that's not a good practice.

Firstly, that storage is secondary. Secondly, it consumes a lot of database space.

2) In order to change the variable name and reassign it within a Report, you could try incorporating Substring function () and defining the length of the string to be picked up.

Hope that helps!