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I'd like to throw this out the community to see the best response:

I wish to create an ad-hoc table in our AC instance for the purpose of querying.

From what I understand, I can either create a list or another table.

A list is a temporary if a convenient way to query that contains data or entities (like indexing) but on a temporary basis. But a list's data can only contain data that's already contained in our database, is this correct?

Secondly, ad-hoc tables (a table developed for certain workflows for example, which we can discard later) is no different than creating any other table, is this correct?

In other words, I wish to create a data table that houses temporary data, to be discarded, if necessary if the data is not longer useful.

What is the best approach to creating ad-hoc, temporary tables?

Thank you.

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Accepted Solutions (1)





A table can be created out of an existing table (schema) of the data model or a new one (new schema). Once the table is created, we can upload the data by querying the existing table or using a flat file.

A list can be created out of an existing table by querying (select all recipients from recipient schema where country= USA) it. Or, by creating a list and updating the list with flat file data.

So, a list can be created out of the adhoc data which is not present in the data model, already.

For your case, a temp table or a list should work whichever is the easy way for you.



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