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Hi guys,

I still don't understand how to set the permissions for very specific tasks in Adobe Campaign Classic.

It is possible to set a group which only Access Reports and Stop Campaigns? and another group which only Creates a Workflow and Send a Delivery?

Thank you!



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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hey RaulOcana

This can surely be done from the Campaign Home Page where all other entities (Workflows, Campaigns, Programs etc) are also defined.

You could define a task for any Campaign and set of Operators/Operator Groups, this task could also be scheduled and could be configured to send out corresponding notifications.

The following link gives some further insights into the same:

So you could set up two Operator Groups and add the desired Operators to it.

Then create two different Tasks and assign them to the those Operator Groups. Feel free to chose the Campaign in question along with dates of scheduling.

Hope this helps!

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