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Hi all

I want know which users who clicks a tracked link in an e-mail from a given delivery that redirect to my suscription web page, buy the subscription (conversion of my communication).

For that, I read the steps that I can follow: but I have some doubts.

1) I have identified the webpage URL (is the same URL included in HTML).

2) Only one subscription is possible in this page (there aren't more products to buy) , but, I think that is Transaction Type Tags. Am I right?

3) I think that I don't need more additional information because I can use the default parameters amount or number of items (only I need if the client subscribes)

4) I created the web tracking tag on the platform (Resources>Web Tracking Tags) and I have the HTML code.


What do I have to do now? Which are the next steps? I have these questions:

Have the web page designer inserting this HTML code?

Have I (or the web designer) modify this HTML code before his insertion on the web page?

Have I modify anything on the delivery creation or only with tracking the URL in the delivery I will have the web tracking in WebtTrackingLog schema?


Could you help me?



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Have you seen the following pages (and the other related pages that you can access via the left rail) about inserting tracking code in an HTML page? Where and who would add it to the page depends on your own organization and processes.

Hope this helps,