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Sorry if the question was already ask, but i couldn't see it anywhere.

As far as i know, it's currenty not possible to use Control group in Adobe Campaign Standard.

Does any of you ever need to used it in ACS (natively or custom dev)?

I can think of a way for tagging the population on the exclude log, but it does not sound so user friendly for the customer.

thank you for the answers

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Accepted Solutions (1)




We did implement something equivalent to the alternate option.

We did extend the delivery with a checkbox (if it's checked then it's for control group) and the delivery associated will be a non sending  one (we add a typology rule just to be sure that the logs will be on the exclude one)Name/label of the delivery will be the ase as the normal one but with CG at start (so we can identify them quickly)

That means all the target of this delivery will be flagged as control group so our customer can either try to analyze it on ACS or in other systems

CSM got no answer on the product roadmap,it's just a talk that sales got with our customer for the real add of control group

(By the way, there is already a typology rule name conttrol group on most ACS platform)

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Answers (8)




As John, Explained ACS doesn't support control group. I am not sure about ACS road map so i can not comment of that either. Reach out to your CSM, they will confirm this for you.

My advise for control groups, Follow below steps:

  1. A divide them into two categories.
    • Global control group 5%(2% if big data more than 2 million) of whole contactable data base to have statistical significance
    • Campaign specific Control group(Local)
  2. Configure Global control group:
    • add a custom profile attribute i.e. Control flag
    • Build a workflow to update randomly selected customer profiles with Control flag true.
    • Configure a filtering typology rule to exclude all profiles with flag set to true.
  3. Configure Local control group:
    • save them as a control group type audience and exclude them in filtering as suggested by John "We just create an Audience query the relevant profiles or test profiles and use that selecting or filtering."

Hope this helps!






Options 1 and 2 above are not considered campaign controls but rather permanent/universal control groups (predetermined) and can be useful for certain campaign reporting and analysis. It is recommended that such groups get updated/refreshed every 4-6 months.

The important thing about campaign control groups is being able to track such people in the promotion history table (broadlog) so reporting is easily done. This means option #3 is not a good option. Adobe Campaign Classic (ACC) provides such option in the delivery and the customer records are flagged as controls in a given campaign in BroadLogRcp.

An alternate option is to create a custom non-email delivery template with the proper name prefix and use it for control groups. We do the split of the universe or segments based on qty or % and send the control splits/segments into this newly designed delivery. As a result, the control groups are stored in the Adobe promotion history, easy to reflect in future campaigns for inclusion or exclusion as well as reporting.

I thought it will be good idea to share another approach.