Connecting to v6 Campaign Server with a v7 Campaign Client



Hi there

I'm trying to connect to a v6 Campaign Server with a v7 Campaign Client, but I'm getting an error while connecting.

I would like to use the v7 Client but I believe I have 2 problems:

We have a v6 Server installation and I have Windows 10 installed in my Laptop, so I believe I can't install the v7 Client.

On the other hand, I have no access to the v7 Client Setup file, because the installation procedure involves using the "Installation download page" from the v6 Server.


If anyone can help, thanks!


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Hi Carlos,

Ultimately, you should use the same console and server build number.

If you have a v6 server, you should use a v6 client console.

Why do you want to use the v7 client console?




Thank you! A miracle had happen, the error disappeared (the error that I was getting when I was starting the client console).

So now I'm connecting a v7 client console to a v6 server, it seems OK.




Thank you Florent!

I have Windows 10 running on my laptop and I believe the v6 client console can not run over Windows 10.

I saw that on the download page:


Adobe Campaign v6 console installation

Required components

Operating systems:
  • Windows 2003 Server
  • Windows 2008 Server
  • Windows XP
  • Windows 7
Required disk space (files copied locally):
  • approximately 15 MB


  1. To install a client, click the following link: Download.
  2. Select "Open" to start the installation straight away or select "Save" to copy the file locally and perform the installation at a later time.

Note: administrator privileges are not required to perform this installation.

Access to reports

Reporting functionality requires Flash version 6 or higher.