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Hi there,

I'm working on a project brief where the requirement is to create a campaign targeted to members of an organisation. It's two-fold, meaning that the url of the campaign site can be referenced in the email and in the actual website. By going through the Adobe Campaign doc, I know that the 1st action, which is referencing in email, can be done using the personalised sites concept. However, this concept only takes account of personalised URL where the guestID is appended to the URL. My question is if I want to reference the campaign microsite URL in the intranet, where the users profile is stored in Adobe Campaign, how can it be handled.

I have got another question on this context. While choosing the template for creating the microsite, is there any option to choose a template in AEM, and construct the site's pages using the AEM OOTB components.  

Please let me know your thoughts on this. Many thanks.

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Accepted Solutions (1)





The answer to the first question:

Question: You want to reference the campaign microsite URL in the intranet/the Internet, where the user's profile is stored in Adobe Campaign, how can it be handled.

Answer: This can be controlled from microsite in Adobe campaign using Access control activity.

it gives you three


Public access:

When the type of access control chosen in the drop-down list is Public, this means a guest with an access code ($(guestCode)) can log on to any public microsite using the related guest ID ($(guestID)).

List based access:

Access control via a list only lets recipients contained in a list log on to the microsite, using the pURL included in the delivery and after identification. To restrict site access to specific people, select the list of recipients in the drop-down list, then click the Only authorize contacts from this list option.

Anonymous Access:

This will suit your case, Enable the guest to skip this step option in the Access control activity and add pages to the diagram depending on the information you want them to access.


The answer to part 2:

OOTB AEM, can't be used for microsite content in Adobe campaign. If you are using classic version then you have an option to write a custom connector to pull the microsite content from AEM and use that content in Adobe campaign pages(only version 6 can support this).

Hope this helps!