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I'm stuck with something that should have been easy to do: I need to compare 2 values and do different things depending on the result.

The 2 values type are string.

My first idea was to use a simple "equal" condition in the filtering window.

But checking the result, I realised that 2 empty field were seen as "non-equal" whereas they should have been equal.

I tried to use the IfEquals function but no luck as well

Any idea how to simply check if 2 fields as identifical  ? Assuming that a null field is equivalent to an empty field ?

Thanks for your insights

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)





You can use a case construct to compare two null values in filtering conditions

For example I am comparing first name and last name on equal operator

Case(When(Lower(@firstName) IS NULL , 'Null') , Else(Lower(@firstName))) =  Case(When(Lower(@lastName) IS NULL , 'Null') , Else(Lower(@lastName)))

Above condition will return recipient records where firstname is equal to lastname or both firstname and lastname are null