Communication error with server in Adobe sandbox



Hi everyone,

We are getting “SOP-330021 Communication error with server: please make sure it is configured correctly.” error in adobe sandbox irregularly. Anyone encountered this before? Is there any solution for this problem?


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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi Saikat,

What you are experiencing this is happening because the resources allocated to you in the sandbox is very limited so you are running over connection threshold.

  • The Web connection threshold, configured in your web server. To Understand this,  Read below

Adobe Campaign uses below jsps for establishing the connection:

/nl/jsp/soaprouter.jsp: client console and Web services connections (SOAP APIs),

/nl/jsp/logon.jsp: Web-based access to reports and to deployment of the client console,

Time out will be configured in serverConf.xml like below:

<relay debugRelay="false" forbiddenCharsInAuthority="?#.@/:" forbiddenCharsInPath="?#/"

           modDir="index.html" startRelay="false" startRelayInModule="true" timeout="60">


  <url IPMask="" deny="" hostMask="" relayHost="true" relayPath="true" status="blacklist" targetUrl="http://localhost:8080" timeout="" urlPath="*.jsp"/>



If Timeout is not specified it take 60 seconds as default time. To modify it, contact your system administrator(Neolane support).

  • The database connection threshold. To modify it, contact your database administrator.(May not be possible in Sandbox)
  • The Adobe Campaign connection threshold, available in two places:
    • Tomcat side: all queries actually arriving on the Adobe Campaign Tomcat client.This threshold is configured in the nl6/tomcat-7/conf/server.xml file. The maxProcessors attribute lets you increase the threshold of the number of queries processed at a time.
    • Database: set of all connections open at the same time on the database.This threshold is configured in the file nl6/tomcat-4/conf/server.xml. The Pool attribute located in dataSource lets you increase the threshold of queries processed simultaneously.



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Answers (2)





This error usually occurs when there is some intermittent issue with network while connecting to instance.

Could you please check with your network team if there is any network issue which is causing this error ?