Client console - Error: The error is due to a malformed input token...



Hi All,

We have set new instance of Adobe Campaign (v7). I downloaded and installed v7 console on my laptop. I was able to finish installation process although I don't have admin rights. Unfortunately something is wrong. I saw error message below, when I was trying to log in.

v7 error msg.PNG

Have you ever seen this error? Maybe you know the solution?

Thank you,


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Accepted Solutions (1)




This error usually comes when there is any issue while building a security context between the client application and a remote peer.

You can check on below points to see if that helps

1- Check if IP through which you are accessing is white-listed

2- Clear the local cache(IE etc) and try again

3- Check with you network security team if there is any rule(proxy or other) which is resulting to error

4- Uninstall and install the console again