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Is it possible, in Adobe, to identify customers who have clicked on a specific piece of content within an email. The execution we are thinking is asking a question where customers either click yes or no (they won’t be taken to a landing page so not sure how we could work this for it to count as a click), and then we can retarget them with another email based on if they answered yes or no?

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Accepted Solutions (1)




You can Identify people and what they clicked using the out of the box Recipient Tracking Log. In your case, first in the HTML content ensure the URL for Yes and for No do have labels that you will use later.

Then simply in a workflow you can query the trackingLogRcp schema and filter using the Label (for the URL), Delivery Internal name and [url/@type] = Email Click.

So your query would look abit like :


The Result of this would be records similar to below:


So my example shows the people who clicked (ur type = email click), the url labelled Flights from the delivery with Internal Name (trvProdDM24433).

Hope this helps.

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