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I am a user of Campaign "classic" v. 6.11  and am trying to test a nurturing campaign where I am using segment codes to make sure that recipients who are part of one track do not get included in another track until the completion of the track.   I need to run some tests in order to see if the campaign workflows work as expected and wanted to know if there was a way to clear a segment code for a recipient after they complete the workflow and the code has been attributed to them.  Is there a place where segment codes are managed?


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Accepted Solutions (1)




You can get the temporary table name with a Javascript activity : vars.tableName.

After with a SQL activity, you can update a codeSegment of this temporary table.


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Answers (2)



Hi Matthew,

If you are adding the segment code in the workflow, then it is only stored in a temporary table used by the workflow. If running the workflow again or running another workflow, the recipient should have no segment code attached.

Please share more details and screenshots about your use case in case you are not doing it as I suggested.

Let me know,