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I have this amateur question about checking if an email exists:

Now, I have a file containing some emails, I load it, but there some emails that already exist in the Profiles table, so I want to update the existing ones, while inserting the new ones with extra and different data,

I used Reconciliation Activity which indeed returned the existing Emails but while using the option "Keep in the outbound population" seems to keep everything and does not have an option like Segmentation to generate a Complement.

Any ideas,

Thank you

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Accepted Solutions (1)



Hi @YoussefC ,

Lets consider your file has 10 profile data, where 5 profile already exist in database, and another 5 are new.

When you do enrichment/reconciliation, you said the output had all 10 records. When you analyse the data from output  transition of Reconciliation activity, you can figure out 5 existing profile will have primary key number, whereas new records will have primary key @id as 0. So after this Reconciliation you can use a segmentation activity and you can separate this records and perform your update activity.


ParthaSarathy S

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