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Is there a way to cc or bcc a user while using events and transactional emails? I would also like to know if these could be used to send an email to a group of users. This question seems to indicate that this cannot be done however I want to verify that's the case since this is a few years old: Send CC/BCC to individual recipients.​ I don't believe the workaround in the linked answer will work. In the use case I have I would like to bcc different people while the linked one seems to indicate it would be a single user for all emails. Any tips or tricks are appreciated.

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hello ,

CC/Bcc different emails for different deliveries are not possible per the current architecture.

We have an option to use one email ID ( can be a individual ID or DL ) but not separate Emails .

So the use case here cannot be addressed in the current setup.


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