Cannot see the link---> Include > Dynamic image served by Adobe Target in Adobe Campaign while creating a email delivery client.



hi Team,

We are trying to integrate Adobe Test and target with Adobe campaign. We have followed all the configurations steps mentioned in the following link provided

However we are not able to see the link Include > Dynamic image served by Adobe Target  when we create a email delivery client.

Is this something to do with the IMS client Identifier value , since we have not configured any external account.

Waiting for your reply.

Thanking you in anticipation.

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Hi Akanksha,

Yes, IMS does need to be configured first. The full directions listed here are as follows:

  1. Install the Integration with the Adobe Marketing Cloud standard package. Installing an integration package is the same as installing a standard package, which is detailed in the Package Import section. This gives you access to the shared assets via Digital Asset Manager.

  2. Enable connection via IMS (Adobe ID connection service) to use images shared via Adobe Marketing Cloud in your emails. Consult the section about IMS.

  3. In Administration > Platform > Options, configure the server and Tenant options for Adobe Target:

    • TNT_EdgeServer: Adobe Target server used for the integration. This option is already selected by default. This value corresponds to the Adobe Target Domain Server, followed by the value /m2. For example:

    • TNT_TenantName: Adobe Target Tenant name. This value corresponds to the name of the Adobe Target Client.

Requirements are as follows:

  • Adobe Marketing Cloud and Adobe Target tenants

  • An Adobe Target rawbox specified to establish the connection with Adobe Campaign

Let me know if you have any additional questions on this.




Hi Tacia,

Thanks for your reply. Now we are able to see the option mentioned above.

After selecting Include > Dynamic image served by Adobe Target,   I am clicking on link 'Select a Marketing Cloud resource' ,

But getting below error :-

" Error: IMS server credentials not specified  "

I think IMS connection is required to use this functionality of Adobe Target.

Kindly provide your input in this.






If you check in Administration > Platform > Options, are both TNT_EdgeServer and TNT_TenantName configured? They mush be configured for the configuration. More info here:

The Target integration is available from build 8640 (released mid-2015) and up. Are both server and client console on a compatible build? You can check this using Help > About. There should be no need to use IMS or to configure a specific external account to make the option visible. 

Hope this helps.