Can you use Campaign as a communications Engine?



Our company is looking to build a messaging engine to send customers SMS, Email, Push (non-campaigns), but would like to use Twillio/Sendgrid as the send partner and Adobe as the Template Manager. The normal marketing campaigns would still be managed and initiated in Adobe - but sends of messages is via Sendgrid/twillio.

Does anyone have any experience with this?  or even opinion??

Can the SubmitNotification function trigger a send without referencing a template? i.e. can you force   Html into the delivery target?  -- this would be helpful to make the messaging engine send its own non-templated messages.

lastly are the templates (authored in Adobe)  accessible via API ( much like the way Sendgrid stores their templates)

Any information would be really helpful!


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Accepted Solutions (1)



Hello HightowerMcD

I don't think it is possible to push emails from Campaign to other platform as the data flow in campaign is through xml and not sure how the other platform is designed or even compatiable with the templates created in campaign. Though we have routing external accounts to configure on campaign side to send deliveries through external routings , not sure if that works for emails.

Also we cannot send notifications withough providing a template, you have to create a template in campaign but you can personalize the delivery with target data. You may not send complete html usin target data but you can have conditional content designed in campaign which can be rendered based on target data. For example you can use a switch or if clause in jsp(java server pages) to present the proper content based on age of a recipient, or any personalization data.

Templates are available via API to send emails but you can't see the content in the template by making a get call. Not sure how exactly the other platform is storing them, Depending on the users you use, you can publish, make changes to the templates but not to the html content.