Can we use wait activity for more than 24 hours in ACS?




We are working on a welcome journey program and we have created a workflow where it uses 2 wait activities with each 48 hours wait time. As of now everything seems to be fine. We were able to get the real time results accurately. But, as per few discussions, I've heard that wait can only be used for few minutes or hours of time. If that is the case, Can someone please explain in detail why we shouldn't use wait activity for such amount of time?



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HI Krishna,

As per the standard documentation "The Wait activity momentarily suspends executing a part of a workflow. It activates its outbound transition after a delay that may range from a few seconds to several months, which executes the activities placed afterwards."

So you should be able to use as per your business requirement.

You can go through below link to know more on this

Adobe Campaign Help | Wait

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Hi Krishna,

The only reason I see is that you wouldn't want the workflow to start again (in case you use a scheduler or run it manually on a regular basis) while its previous execution is not over yet due to the Wait activities.

If you are not in the case where the workflow can start again before it is finished, you should be good to go.