Can we create Dynamic Javascript pages in Adobe Campaign Standard.



Hi All,

Do we have feasibility in Adobe Campaign Standard to create Dynamic Javascript pages as like Adobe campaign Classic(V6/V7).?

if yes, let me know any docs to how to create it or any other ways.

In V6 we have a requirement when ever user chages his profile data with respect to some custom field it will automatically updates in campaign sever recipient object of that column through Dynamic javascript pages developement.

Let me know how we can achieve this in Adobe campaign Standard(ACS).

Any help on it is more appreciated !.



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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi sivaramakumar Pedaprolu,

We do have JSSP functionality in ACS but it is for internal use of the product.

Due to security reasons, we don't have the feature yet available for customers to develop custom JSSP pages or for the matter of fact write custom JS.

At the moment your best option is to make use of API if it can be accommodated inside your current requirement.


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