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Can I generate a .txt file with fixed width columns and column headers?


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I am currently importing and reconciling a .txt file from an external source, after processing, part of the content needs to be exported again.

My problem stems from the formatting, the file needs to adhere to the same format as the imported file. Which is not a problem using 1093426_pastedImage_0.png

However when I use the above settings I lose the column headers. I have tried to modify the xml-source:


saveTitle according to documentation is the attribute that declares the column header, however the format attribute:"fixed" seems to override any such tampering.

Using the basic Text export which allows you to select via checkbox first line as column header is not looking like a viable option since the columns are of various widths without a uniform separator and modifying the incoming file is not possible. Any tips to work around this? I was looking into creating a file via a javascript activity in some sort of filestream but have not found anything that works.

Thanks for you time.

/Jonas L

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You can try asking your question on the Adobe Campaign product discussion forum: Adobe Campaign

The forum that we are in now is really for questions related to the online learning (Digital Classroom).