Can I extract a report from Adobe Campaign Ultimate, showing all emails in layout, with links and tracking label?




I'm wondering if it is possible to generate an overview of all AGC emails from Adobe Campaig? In a report or other format? Basically something that comes automated from the system and that can show the client in real time what they have, in terms of layout of the whole email (images, copy, preheader, subject line), including links and tracking labels? We currently do this manually in a ppt where we screenshot every delivery, type what exact links it includes etc.... It's a big job since we have approx 300 different programs live and for e.g. when the client wants to change urls in 100 of these, well, it takes time and is not efficient to document but also to find in which deliveries these urls needs to be updated..

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi Mathilda,

There is not OOTB report for that.
But you can achieve a specific report by inspiring (duplicating and modifying) from the factory report named hoturls (Click positions of a selected delivery).or

You don't need to use the tracking stats information. You can replace the clicks sum by whatever you need.
See the initialisation script in the Page Click Position to carry out the Preview part, suppressing the count/stats parts.
Of course you need to modify in the Display tab the mono-selection by global or multi-selection, or whatever Query activity you need for selecting the deliveries for which you want the preview generation, and adapt the code accordingly for managing several deliveries.


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