Can i crete a filter/query to see if I have matching ricipients in two Deliveries

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Accepted Solutions (1)




You can do that by using a Query activity in a workflow:

  1. Set the Targeting and Filtering dimensions to Recipients.
  2. Set two or more filtering conditions (depending on the number of deliveries - one condition per delivery) using a AND operator so that you target recipients that have a record in the Recipient delivery logs table for the deliveries you want. You can specify which delivery in a sub-condition.
  3. Validate and run the workflow. The outbound transition will contain recipients that were targeted in all specified deliveries.

For example, for two deliveries, you should have conditions that look like this:

If you are not sure recipients are unique and that several recipients could have the same email address, you can deduplicate your data using a dedicated workflow activity.


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