Can Adobe Target be Integrated with Adobe Campaign V6.1 ?



Hi All,

I would like to know whether is it possible to integrate Adobe Target with Adobe Campaign V6.1 [Hybdrid Version] ?

After following the video, I created an email delivery with dynamic images. The dynamic images were configured in Adobe Target to target two groups of audiences.

The image swapping did not happen, I always got to see the default image in the emails delivered.

I suspect this kind of integration to swap images using Target and Campaign is only possible with Adobe Target Premium and Adobe Campaign Standard.

Adobe Campaign + Adobe Target for Email Personalization - YouTube

My Environment

Adobe Campaign V6.1 [Hybrid deployment with Adobe frontal servers + on premise marketing server]

Adobe Target Premium.

If the integration and the use case implementation show cased in the above video is possible with Adobe Campaign V6.1, then please share you expert knowledge on this.



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Accepted Solutions (1)



Hi florentb,

Thank you very much!

For some reason I am not receiving email notifications for forum updates.

I have done all that is mentioned, but I found that the integration does not work without the inclusion of at_property in the URL to target and without a property an email target activity could not be created in Adobe Target.

I got the answer from Jon Tehero on my other post

Adobe Target and Adobe Campaign Email Personalisation



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Answers (3)



Hi Mano,

In short, no IMS is not required unless you use images from a MArketing Cloud asset library.

And, when you preview the content, the call is made to Target through to the servers that are set in the options:

Quoting from the docs: Configuring the integration with Adobe Target

In Administration > Platform > Options, configure the server and Tenant options for Adobe Target:

  • TNT_EdgeServer: Adobe Target server used for the integration. This option is already selected by default. This value corresponds to the Adobe Target Domain Server, followed by the value /m2. For example:
  • TNT_TenantName: Adobe Target Tenant name. This value corresponds to the name of the Adobe Target Client.


So, all you should need to do is have these options correctly set to your Target instance and make sure that the parameters you set in Adobe Target are data that you can play with in the preview mode of Campaign (for example, gender, age, etc.). If you need to try the email with data not available in Campaign at the moment of the preview (browser, geo-location), you'd need to test that by sending proofs or the email itself to a limited audience (like a few profiles of your own).

So, first, make sure that in Campaign you set the default image and add the decision parameter to pass to Target (like gender in your example), then preview the email, then go to target and define your redirect offers by selecting the rawbox and adding one offer per gender value. Then, in Campaign, that should work.

I don't know about the at_property parameter, I've made the integration work on my environment without touching that.

Hope this helps,





Hi Mano,

This integration is possible with both Campaign Classic (v6, v7) and ACS. What build number are you using?

Here are a few documents that may help: Configuring the integration with Adobe Target and Inserting a dynamic image​. These 2 pages show Target Standard but this also works with Target classic.

There is another document here: Campaign and Target - Integrating a dynamic offer in an email

If using Target Classic, principle is the same, you can create redirect offers and then A/B tests where you can specify the mbox specified in campaign. A little trick to know is that you can make a "preview" in Campaign to load the mbox parameter in Target and be able to retrieve it there.

Let me know if you have specific questions.




Hi Florent,

Thank you very much for your response.

We are using Campaign V6.1 on build number 8861 with Target Premium.

Before startign this discussion, I had gone through all the documents that you had mentioned.

In the below forum posts (That I posted last week before starting this discussion) i had mentioned the steps that I had followed to create a dynamic image in a campaign email.

Adobe Target and Adobe Campaign Email Personalisation

[Email Campaign] Swapping Images using Adobe Target

Below are the questions that I have :

1. When I preview the email content after selecting a recipient, I can only see the default image.

At this step, from my understanding after reading the documentation, a call is made to Adobe Target to swap the image.

How does Adobe Target authenticate this call ? As I can only see a URL with the client code.

Am I missing something here ?

Should the email property (at_property) which was setup in Target, be configured in the Adobe Campaign, as properties (at_property ) in target are used for controlling permissions.

Does it apply to the client which is invoking Target (in this is Campaign), as its is mentioned that the at_property has to implemented in DTM for web sites, how about emails ? It is no where stated as to how to implement at_property for campaign emails.<%= (document.mode == "preview")? Math.random() * 10000:>&mboxPC=<%= (document.mode == "preview")? Math.random() * 10000 :><%= (document.mode == "preview" || delivery.FCP) ? "&mboxHost=Preview": "" %>&Gender=<%= recipient.gender%>&mbox=%20target-global-mbox%20_click&


2. Is IMS configuration mandatory for swapping images ?

As from my understanding after reading the documentation is that IMS is required only if we choose to host images in Adobe Marketing cloud assets. So in order to pull the images within campaign, IMS integration is required.